Content Marketing for South Carolina Businesses

We recognize South Carolina businesses require local content solutions that resonate with South Carolina audiences. Excyte Digital is a local content marketing company helping local brands reach their business objectives and audiences via local competitive market analysis, planning, testing, deployment, performance assessments, and optimized distribution campaigns.

Content Strategy

Your business needs a customized content strategy that is based on proven data-driven market insights. At Excyte Digital we leverage these to effectively communicate your brand’s value to South Carolina customers; take advantage of our strategic marketing expertise and reach your audiences via clear, simple, and practical solutions. Our process consists of:

  • Research & Discovery
  • Campaign Goals and Planning
  • Design and A/B Testing
  • Launch & Engage
  • Measurable Results
  • Optimize and Distribute 

Take the next step toward success, we are local and know the market, call today.

Content Marketing Company in South Carolina

Content Distribution

Today’s media landscape encompasses various mediums – social media, ad platforms, native publishing, email, legacy print, and more; reach your customers where they are, with platform optimized content, integrated campaign planning, and multiple touch points monitoring that generate product/service conversations, and brand awareness relationships. Below is a sampling of our most requested solutions:

  • PPC and Ad Networks
  • Social Media Advertising
  • SEO Media Syndication
  • Native Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Ad Print & Mailer Campaigns
  • Custom Sales & Marketing Distribution

We can develop strategic, localized content distribution plans for any South Carolina region market, metro area, and more.

Content Performance

Content is only as good as the quantifiable response it generates, this is called Performance Analytics, through it we can measure content’s impact on a campaign and your brand’s online footprint. Excyte Digital’s team regularly conducts analysis and reports on each content piece’s performance; and these in turn, enable your management team to make data-driven decisions to achieve and maximize your business’ ROI.

Establish Gather and Review Data Analytics

All of our reporting analysis follow industry standards and best practices, these include:

  • Set and implement data gathering processes and methodologies. 
  • Gather data and measure against industry benchmarks and company’s KPIs
  • Optimize for visibility, engagement, and authority.
  • Gather insights and identify opportunities.
  • Conduct A/B Testing

Performance Reports

Regularly reviewing data, insights, and recommendations on a monthly basis is the most efficient way to enhance your content’s performance and its effect on ongoing campaigns. At Excyte Digital our performance analytics approach includes:

  • Campaign performance 
  • Audience segments
  • Audience engagement rates
  • Channel performance
  • Content and creative efficacy
  • Native advertising performance
  • On-site user analytics
  • KPI goal assessments

Call today, our marketing analysts will be happy to go over your performance metrics and suggest/implement actionable solutions for your brand’s and audience growth.